• Category
Product Roll Weight (Target) Total Areal Density Width (minimum) Length (Target)
Pounds Kilograms oz/yd2 g/m2 Inches Meters Feet Meters
Spectra Shield® 5464 9543.24.013463.01.6656200
Spectra Shield® 6166 9744.54.113863.01.6656200
Spectra Shield® 6360 12155.03.411563.01.6984300
Spectra Shield® 6472 12155.03.411563.01.6984300
Spectra Shield® 7727 12757.67.124063.01.6492150
Spectra Shield® 7733 13661.77.625763.01.6492150
Spectra Shield® 5358 11853.44.916763.01.6656200
Spectra Shield® 5354 10346.82.58463.01.61148350
Spectra Shield® 5352 10346.82.58463.01.61148350
Spectra Shield® 5241 11853.44.916763.01.6656200

Disclaimer: * While some of Honeywell's ballistic composite materials were designed with specific applications in mind, each end-use article has its unique specifications and design needs. These categories are for general reference. The manufacturers of end-articles should choose from Honeywell's broad product portfolio for the product that would best meet the needs of each article design