Spectra Technical Textiles

People in all walks of life depend on Spectra Fiber. Military forces, astronauts, and law-enforcement officers literally bet their lives on Spectra Fiber’s strength and durability every day. That’s not all. Now we’re making Spectra Fiber in Technical Textiles so that climbers, cyclists, and athletes can all look to a world of superior gear made with Spectra Fiber to protect them and help them perform at their peak. Innovators, inventors and product developers incorporate Spectra Fiber to develop and create the next-gen ultralight, ultra-strong performance materials. See how companies are raising the bar with Spectra Fiber-based products.
Product Roll Weight (Target) Total Areal Density Width (minimum) Length (Target)
Pounds Kilograms oz/yd2 "+/-" g/m2 "+/-" Inches Meters Feet Meters
Spectra® MICRO GRID 3515.70.70.18256631.61311400