Aclar Accel


Honeywell Aclar Accel is the latest product offering in the Aclar family of barrier films for pharmaceutical packaging. Joining our flagship line of Aclar films, Aclar Accel is a high moisture barrier thermoformable film product that delivers at the price and speed business demands while providing the quality and service customers have grown to expect. When “good enough” is not enough, Aclar Accel is the perfect go-to solution. Available grades of Aclar Accel include Aclar Accel 1700 (1.7ml) and Aclar Accel 5400 (5.4ml). The below visuals show the differences between our Aclar flagship line and Aclar Accel, and also the differences between Aclar Accel 1700 and 5400.

    Honeywell Aclar®

  • Premium flagship offering
  • Custom dimensions
  • Suite of design services
    Honeywell Aclar Accel

  • Faster delivery
  • Standard dimensions
  • More cost-effective

    Aclar Accel 1700 vs. HB PVdC

  • Non-yellowing film for highest clarity
  • Cost effective transparent barrier film
    Aclar Accel 5400 vs. Alu/Alu

  • Improved total cost effectiveness compared to Cold Form Foil
  • Designed for opaque laminates

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