About Us

Honeywell Aclar barrier film has been the longstanding industry leader and trusted choice in pharmaceutical packaging for more than 40 years. Aclar, backed by the power and support of Honeywell, continues to set the global standard for high-barrier thermoform film in the pharmaceutical industry. Highly regarded by analysts and investors, Honeywell is committed to building a smarter, safer and more sustainable world.

  • Honeywell Aclar is the premier moisture barrier film for Oral Solid Dose packaging.
  • Quality and long-standing market leadership make Honeywell’s Aclar Barrier Films the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies
  • Innovation is at the core of our Honeywell brand heritage. We have a track record of developing new materials and technologies that our customers have counted on for more than 100 years.

Our breadth of experience influences all the products associated with our brand, providing you the benefit of intensive R&D investment and unmatched innovation. Ultimately, we are dedicated to delivering the best product every time.

At Honeywell, our products and solutions are designed to improve quality of life and user experience for all they serve. We strive for advancements in a range of industries, including aerospace, energy, performance materials, safety, and, of course, healthcare. To add to our portfolio, Honeywell improves outcomes through process solutions, maximized product visibility, secure bulk and unit-level traceability, and more. All of this works toward helping our colleagues focus on a primarily customer-centric approach to yield the best results.